You are building a company. You have co-founders.

Internal will notify your co-founders when you aren't feeling well so that your relationships can reach and maintain their most wholesome potential. Gone are the days of being anxious around starting a conversation about how you're feeling.

The most important thing on your mind is being a success.

Internal makes sure you spend the least amount of time wallowing in an unexpected negative emotion so that you can spend more time accomplishing your goals. Recognize and accept how you feel. Combat the negative and promote the positive.


Actively know how you and your co-founders are feeling - break down the negative and uplift the positive.


Become aware of peaks and valleys in your relationship with yourself, your co-founders, and your project.


Form stronger bonds through the discussions that arise from important emotions that otherwise wouldn't be brought up.

Simple Pricing

One Plan. One Flat Rate. Regardless of Team Size.

Slack App

$20.00 / month

  • Daily Mood Tracking
  • Team Mood Reports
  • Personal Mood Reports
  • Emotional Discussion Notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

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Transparent mood tracking takes the concept of mood tracking, which is inherently very private and self-focused, and opens up how the user is feeling to those close to them.
Internal provides both quantitative and qualitative insights on you and your co-founder's emotional well-being. Here are some examples...
Quantitative: "@Ian Scalzo is feeling 78% today"
Qualitative: "@Ian Scalzo wasn't feeling too well this week in regards to work distribution"
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We do, indeed, collect the necessary data to compute scores and things of that nature. For more information, feel free to take a glace at our Privacy Policy for a detailed account of data collection.
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